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Letters from Fans
Hey Captain Fantastic! Saw you in Portland last week and you rocked! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Hope you come back soon! This user's full name: Vicki Meyers

I am a fan, I think you got jipped on Last Comic Standing, because they were scared of how talented you are.

Hey Dante

We caught your show at Harvey's comedy club in Portland, Oregon on Thursday 7/24. Great performance! My husband and I watched you on last comic standing last year and we were thrilled to see the wizard of oz performed again live in front of us.
I saw the ad on Myspace so I thought you should know that it got at least two people to your show.
Hopefully you enjoyed our city.


Hi I'm Judy I met you in Ridgecrest bought you and your girl Rebekah and guys a drink was happy to meet you since I'm a big fan of last comic standing the show was great hope top see you next time around am watching the new one not as good as when you guys were on when are you going to be in Ontario, would love to see you there.


Hi Dante.

Really sorry to bother you. (I'm sure you have better things to do)

My name is Dana Whippy. I asked you for an autograph a while back and you were so awesome to send me one (Which is still on my wall by the way!)

I was wondering if you would mind me asking if....YOU WERE EVER GOING TO COME TO FLORIDA?!?! (Near Daytona Beach to be exact!) :) Sorry. It had to be asked! :)

I hope you are doing great.
Thank you once again for that autograph!
And keep the comedy coming! :)
Have a nice day,



how are you? Doing well? I wish I had a camera the day I saw a lady walking down the Mall halls with a magic marker written on her shirt "DANTE LAST COMIC STANDING RULES!"

I stopped her and told her that if you saw that you would have given her a big fat hug. Hope you didn't mind. I just thought it was cool.

Hope sucess is doing well for you. I'm sure it is funny man.



The one thing Last Comic Standing does best is demonstrate the randomness of the business of stand-up. It's one of the few reality programs I'm compelled to watch, and it's a love-hate relationship. Each season, I watch some of my favorites get booted off before the finals. It's painful, particularly knowing that some of these people have put a lot of time into the business:

Rich Vos - Season 1. An exceptional comic with over two decades of experience. I've watched Rich Vos put even the quietest crowds into hysterics. He's a true pro, way out of league with the other contestants. Didn't make it to the finals.

Dante - Season 5. Dante rocks comedy with his badass impressions and gen-x insights. He's an award-winning comic, having won the the grand prize on ABC's America's Funniest People, BET Comedy Awards, and holds the distinction of being awarded the Funniest Black Comic in LA - not a bad gig for a white guy. Way too good for the show, bumped off on the head-to-head challenge.

The above accomplishments don't happen over night. They come from persistence, drive and years of dedication (and addiction) to the craft of comedy.

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